Operation Areas

Specializing mainly on complex knitting structures of medium-light and heavy weight fabrics for casual and fashionable streetwear, Jerse Orme has over 50 years of knitting experience. We produce fabrics with various properties with the knitting machines which are in different diameters, gauges and capabilities. Our yarn production starts with fibre drafting. Our fabric production ends with the application of fabric finishing procedures. We control the attributes of our products continuously, produce at high efficiency and quality levels since we possess all stages of manufacturing with the benefits of having an integrated facility.

Knitting machine

Our business mentality is to attain market successes and grow mutually with the customer. Our service policy is to support the customer on every potential issue and share the difficulties. We support the cost and differentiation policies of our customers with our experienced technical personnel who keep an eye on the market competition. We follow the changes on world fashion with our exports to various countries and utilize the majority of our resources on developing new products, together with the experienced technical staff which follow the advancements in technology.

Our aim is to work closely with our customers on the development and manufacturing of new ideas and models and initiate leaps about fabric improvements knowing that we hold the majority of the responsibility. As a firm which can respond to demands and adapt to changes rapidly, we believe that a close partnership with our customers is the basis for a sound business where steps for right advancements are taken.

Our products are exported as finished fabric or garments to countries such as the US, UK, Germany, Russia, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Romania and Poland.