Space dyed yarn

The daily production capacities of our 6500 m² facility where circular knit fabrics, fancy yarns, worsted yarns and repco tricot yarns are produced are:

Fabric knitting capacity: over 10 tonnes

Long-staple fibre drafting capacity: 11.5 tonnes

Worsted yarn spinning capacity: 3 tonnes

Repco-tricot yarn capacity: 1.5 tonnes

Various fancy yarn production capacities: 5 tonnes

Fabric finishing and stenting capacity: 5 tonnes

We have the ability to attain more control, flexibility, variety, creativity, innovation, low cost and high quality features on our products at our integrated facility. Products are delivered at shorter periods and cheaper prices as a result of a combined production line.


There is a showroom located at our production facility where customers can view samples of fabrics and yarns we produce. We give sample service on request.